Silver Plate Surface

by Rob Shuttz

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strings wood ceramic knives voice fingers


released May 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Rob Shuttz London, UK

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Track Name: Even
i work on plotted land to hold and shake the hand that feeds the world to itself in the night. they want it to be confused; no molecule left unused. and even in the evening light, it couldn't have been done alone. two eggs are better than one. two cracked eggs in the sun stare blankly into each other's eyes. our target is melted ice; my arm and your leg the price. and even as the balance fails, it couldn't have been done alone.
Track Name: Yolky
in the eye of the storm I looked to my left and saw my lover. I was tired, I was worn and bereft of happiness and all such other. she stared at me and asked "why do you bother?" I close my eyes. in the quiet of the afternoon we hold hands. to my right a gathering of my most untrustworthy friends. they interrogate me and demand to know the details of all my plans. I close my eyes. in the unbearable excitement of the evening I look up at the sky and ask for a feeling. there are sparks in my spine and they bubble to surface if I try.
Track Name: On the Reach at The Ritz
on the beach at the ritz I see my reflection. I see that it fits. make no correction. on the beach at the ritz. a silver plate surface. a knife through the air. a fork to the south. on the beach at the ritz...
Track Name: Dog-eared
who would be born into pages like these? dog-eared and torn; fall to your knees...